Jewellers of Excellence is a premium consortium of independent jewellers that bring the best product and service to you. It is a globally trusted and internationally recognised symbol of quality and excellence in jewellery retail.

Jewellers of Excellence was initiated to bring the best in luxury independent retailers together and create an elite group of jewellers, providing only the most prestigious brands in the jewellery and watch industry.  It started as a thought from the most well respected and passionate jewellers and developed into an elite status that would set this exclusive group apart from the rest.  It is important for you as the consumer to value and trust the retailer that you choose to purchase from therefore knowing you can trust the Jewellers of Excellence hallmark will comfort the decision you make.

Keanes CorkAll Jewellers of Excellence are family run and managed for many generations, some have been a prominent landmark of the local high streets for as long as 200 years, and they have no intention of disappearing.

As a consumer, you not only receive a high quality product that you can trust, but you become part of the heritage and history of the jeweller.  Due to the length of time serving in the industry, the wealth of knowledge and reputation is invaluable and you will only receive this at a Jeweller of Excellence approved retailer.  Click here to find your nearest Jeweller of Excellence.

Hugh Rice Jewellers, Hull showroom in St Stephen's shopping centre. November 29, 2012.If you would like leave a comment or ask a question about Jewellers of Excellence, then please click here to fill out a contact form.