Birthstone of August: Peridot – August 1, 2017

August is brightened with this brilliant lime green glow...

August is here and we dedicate the month to its beautiful birthstone Peridot…

Although it is recognised for its beautiful lime green glow, the origin of its given name is still a mystery.  Most scholars believe that the word “peridot” derives from (more…)

Birthstone of May – Elegant Emerald – May 18, 2017

Fill your jewellery box with Spring hues...

We are well and truly into Spring and its the birthstone month of one of the most rare gemstones in the world…Emerald.

This exquisite stone is said to symbolise love and rebirth and is also considered to aid in fertility.  Egypt’s tempestuous female monarch, Cleopatra, was as famous for wearing Emeralds during her ruling as Liz Taylor is for wearing diamonds in (more…)

May Birthstone: The Emerald – May 5, 2016

Dazzle that special someone with their Emerald birthstone!


Is there someone you know celebrating a birthday in May? Why not give that special someone a gift to remember – a dazzling emerald.

So what is the meaning of this vibrant gem?  Those who wear this are believed to be the wearer of success, happiness and wealth.  Because of its association with the Greek God, Venus, it is said to be the stone of love and romance…

If you are looking for an emerald that has the most value, you want to go for a bold green that is a similar tone of fresh grass.  However, you can get many variations of this exquisite gemstone, anything from a grey-green to a hint of yellow.

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