“Love, Cherish and Protect” with Jewellers of Excellence – October 13, 2016

Protect your beautiful jewellery pieces with Jewellers of Excellence...

 When you purchase a special piece of jewellery, you want it to last a lifetime but on that unfortunate occasion where something may damage it or it is lost or stolen, you want to ensure you have it covered!

Jewellery often has a special place in our heart – whether its a family heirloom, a gift from a loved one or simply a prized possession.  Its value goes beyond its monetary worth, it has a personal sentiment.  It can really be heartbreaking when a special item is lost, damaged or stolen which is why Jewellers of Excellence are here to help safeguard your precious items.

Jewellers of Excellence and insurance specialist Affinity Brokers Ltd have collaborated to bring you “Love, Cherish and Protect”.  You can protect your sentiment with a tailored insurance policy that has many fantastic benefits including:

  • Accidental damage
  • Worldwide cover
  • No excess
  • No security requirements
  • Immediate cover
  • No need to add onto your household cover
  • Free repairs


When it comes to insuring your jewellery we believe that it should do more than just protect your item – it should represent the same love, cherish and protection that you have for your jewellery. Therefore, the team are on the road to train the experienced store representatives on this fantastic policy to ensure you get exactly what you need from it.  They are making their way across the country, visiting the jewellers on the way so watch out for our leaflets in store.

If you are buying a beautiful and unique piece from your nearest Jeweller of Excellence, remember to ask for your “Love, Cherish and Protect” cover.