Focus on Jewellers of Excellence TAG Ambassadors – Rudells – June 6, 2018

My TAG Heuer choice - Mark Gillings

#Dontcrackunderpressure is the term we all know from the exquisite TAG Heuer brand.  Some of our Jewellers of Excellence retailers stock this intricate brand in their store, therefore to showcase their passion for the brand we will be bringing you straight from the TAG Ambassadors mouths their personal favourite watch.

To kick off we hear from Mr. Marc Gillings P. J. Dip, cert GA from Rudell the Jeweller on his favourite…

6210-5095I remember first encountering the TAG Heuer brand in a magazine. It was an advertisement for the 2000 series sport watch. It had a striking blue dial with Arabic numbers and an aluminium bezel. I was into my kayaking at the time and thought, now there is a watch that would suit my lifestyle. It had a sharp looking daring design for the time, whilst still being robust and functional.

Years later I took up my profession in the in the watch and jewellery industry, working alongside this Avant-garde brand. Of course, by this point the 2000 series had evolved into the Aquaracer we know and love today. By then my needs had also evolved. I had become a businessman and needed to reflect this in a bold timepiece that sat well with a suit but kept its adventurous routes. That is why the Tag Heuer Aquaracer is my watch of choice.  In particular I love the slogan from 1995, “Success. It’s a mind game.”

For me, Tag Heuer is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle choice. For those who #dontcrackunderpressure.


Watch this space for more from our TAG Ambassadors very soon!

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