Last of the Summer Hues – July 21, 2017

From the blue skies of Cornwall to the white sands of Tahiti...

Summer is well and truly here!

Before you pack your case, get out your bucket and spade or put on your flip flops, make sure you visit your nearest Jeweller of Excellence to see some of the hidden Summer gems.

From the blue skies of Cornwall to the white sands of Tahiti, wherever you jet to this Summer here is a selection of beautiful pieces to give you the extra Summer glow.



As deep and vibrant as an African Sunset, the rare Citrine gemstone has both an attractive colour and also has incredible durability. Its rarity and mesmerising colour makes it the best selling yellow-orange gem.

The November birthstone is perfect for those looking for a gem that will stand you out from the crowd this Summer.




This gemstone reflects the colour of the beautiful Maldivian Sea…aquamarine is the perfect choice for those that want a piece of Summer all year round.  Latin for seawater, this fresh watery hue represents diving into a cool, refreshing pool.

The March birthstone was thought to enhance the happiness in marriages and the best gemstones should exude great clarity in a blue to greenish blue colour.




While you feel the golden sands in your toes, let the sun gleam off of your precious gold jewellery.  Latin for ‘shining dawn’, gold has been used over the centuries as a symbol of immortality and power in many ancient cultures due to its non corroding nature.

Gold is the ultimate metal for you to look like a Greek goddess while enjoying a cocktail on the beach.

Tahitian Pearl



The Tahitian Pearl (or commonly known as the black pearl) originates from the group of paradise islands known as French Polynesia.  They are quite rare and of a superior quality but not overly expensive!   The black pearl can come in various different black tones, from green to pink, blue to silver and yellow.

Its elegance, beauty and rarity really resembles the paradise that it comes from, making it the perfect Summer choice.


Remember to visit your nearest Jeweller of Excellence to find out if they have the above gems on offer and brighten up your Summer Season!


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